Invocations: Works by composer Dalit Hadass Warshaw 

Dalit Hadass Warshaw & others
Wendy Warner, cello
Albany Records

This recording allowed composer Dalit Hadass Warshaw to feature and reconcile diverse aspects of her musical identity, composer, pianist, and thereminist. The music runs across a broad harmonic spectrum with music ranging from solo instrumental works to string quartet to voice. It also highlights Warshaw's mission to integrate the theremin with acoustic ensembles as her music for this instrument features the more lyrical, vocal and expressive capacities of this unusual instrument. The theremin used for this recording belonged to Clara Rockmore and was customized for her by its inventor, Lev Theremin, in the early 1930s. A prolific composer and active performer, Ms Warshaw's music has been widely praised for its lyricism, its unique orchestral palette, its sense of drama and emotional intensity. 


1. Desert Call (11:20)
Wendy Warner, cello

2. Transformation (6:52)
Dalit Hadass Warshaw, theremin
The Momenta Quartet
Owen Dalby, violin
Erik Carlsen, violin
Stephanie Griffin, viola
Joanne Lin, cello

3. The "Dreidl" Variations for solo piano (17:03)
Dalit Hadass Warshaw, piano

4. Fable for string quartet (6:54)
The Momenta Quartet

5. Kiddush ha-Levanah for soprano and piano (16:56)
Re'ut ben Ze'ev, soprano
Dalit Hadass Warshaw, piano

6. Nizk'orah for two theremins and piano (8:05)
Dalit Hadass Warshaw, piano and theremins I and II